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Who I am

My name is Felipe, I’m fan of São Paulo FC, I’m 34 years old and I live in São Paulo, Brazil.

My family loves Sâo Paulo but (or even because of it) they never were football-addicted – I remember myself watching the 1986 Brazilian League finals – won by SPFC – completely alone in the TV room. My passion for soccer is due to a Palmeiras-fan branch of my family.

Once my grandmother went Europe, one of my cousins asked her for a shirt of Barcelona. My grandmother liked it, and besides bringing him up his shirt, she brought me a shirt of Barça, one of Real Madrid, and another one from a team that several years later I found out that it was a Spurs one. This was 1989. So I began to love the whole thing, and I started to ask all my relatives who were travelling around for shirts. When there were no relatives travelling around, I decided to start to swap shirts with penpals, and borrow foreign soccer magazines on São Paulo bookstores just to get the announces of guys who were trading shirts.

After some time I gave up to get shirts and I concentrated myself to study the evolution of the soccer kits around the world – new designs, new suppliers, new sponsors etc. My shirts collection did not grow that much and just a bunch of them was bought in Brazilian stores), but passion keeps the same.

How this website works

For those who can’t read even a single word of this weird language named Portuguese: the website is divided into 4 sections:

  • The blog, in which I write about the latest news and opinions about football shirts, and rememberings about some remarkable ones. A lot of the posts come from contributions of our readers, so feel free to write me and tell me something about your experience.
  • The community, that gathers hundreds of shirts’lovers from around the world.
  • The Encyclopedia, works like a wiki site, where everyone can post pictures of kits, thus creation a live collaborative space.
  • My humble shirts collection, with around 70 shirts. Some of them are available, and some are not – the only way you have to guess what ones are ready for trading is asking me. Feel free to do it.

If you want further informations about what I’m writing about, just let me know by sending me an e-mail.


Felipe Augusto Marx
Sâo Paulo – Brazil

7 comentários sobre “For English speakers”

  1. Caro Felipe, não conhecia o blog, parabéns pelo trabalho. Como fã de camisetas em geral, também tenho as minhas de times e assim que puder vou colocá-las no blog. Achei o blog pesquisando logos vetorizados das marcas e tive a grata surpresa de encontrar um vasto material de referência e informação. Parabéns e continue o bom trabalho!

  2. entrei no site vi e gostei muito,talvez vcs possao me ajudar,estou procurando a camisa da selecao brasileira da copa de 2002 a camisa azul,,,se vcs teverem ou poderem me ajudar ficarei muito grato,,,desde ja agradeco,,,,obrigado

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